Aside from furniture, the owners of ANTIKASIA also maintain a collection of works of art from China and South East Asia dating back from the 18th Century or earlier which would be of interest to Collectors of quality antique pieces.


The gallery has a rich selection of wooden objects, bronze statues and architectural features.


The statues collection includes sculpture made of lacquered wood, stone, dry lacquer and bronze.


The collection of Chinese wooden deities, representation of Taoist gods as well as Buddhist icons from South East Asia (Burma, Laos) has been assembled from more than 15 years.


Amongst them, Shan images which appeared from the 17th Century are also known as Tai Yai art.


They belong to the youngest kingdom of Myanmar and were produced by an ethnic group scattered throughout South Western China (Yunan province).


Tai Yai and Tai Lue formed a close association.

This art has its roots in China but came under influence of India as their population migrated south into Northern Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. Most of the pieces from this period are dated 18th and 19th century and are made from bronze.



The textile collection features large wall-hanging silk embroideries from China and dated late 19th century. Chinese Dragon robes, Kesi, as well as Chinese tribal clothing from the Yunnan province in Southern part of the country and Lao Nua long rolls.



We also maintain a variety of objects associated with storing, preparing and smoking opium.


Opium smoking paraphernalia have aesthetic significance relating to the design and manufacture of 19th century opium consumption.

It includes opium pipes, opium lamps, dispensers and ladles used in the preparation of opium.


Another section includes a collection of Opium weights from Burma.


The woodcarving section feature architectural pieces from Thailand and its neighbors countries



We are also member of TROCADERO





Since 10 years, GOLDEN TORTOISE in Bangkok has also developed a made to order Furniture business.


Furniture are built the traditional way from old recycled woods such as Teak, Rosewood and Red wood.


Collection GOLDEN TORTOISE Oriental & European Antiques. Old Wood Collection.